Let’s be honest, policies can be a bit dry.

Instead of avoiding a boring subject, we help ease the policy pain.  In the world of HR and employment law, policies are essential for an employer.  Having well written and up to date policies gives an employer the ability to manage situations more effectively.

Does this mean that you will always get what you want?  Unfortunately, no, as employees are also party to the employment relationship.  Effectively written policies should give you the foundations that you can confidently rely upon.


If this is you...


1. Update some policies.

Some policies need an update.  They could be a bit dated or there have been changes in the law which need to be included.

2. I need a new one.

The business needs a new policy.  You need some advice and support to develop and implement the new policy.

3. Review them all!

Sometimes a business wants a complete review and update of its policies.  We review the existing policies (like a gap analysis).  Where there are gaps, we revise existing and draft new policies and support the implementation.

4. I have none. Help!

It’s a bit risky.  Let’s start to get some basic policies in place.