Our Recruitment Service

This is not your ordinary recruitment service.  First things first, we are not a recruitment agency.  We don’t have a database of potential candidates for you to consider.

What are we then?  Why should you keep reading?

We work with you throughout the recruitment process and coach you (and your team) to recruit better.  Think of it like your own internal HR or recruitment person.  There are no hidden fees, pre-payments or rebates.  You pay for the work we do on an hourly rate.

Putting it simply – we want businesses to learn how to recruit the best people for the job, the team and their organisation. Here's how....


Step 1: Help!

You phone us to say “help, I need to find someone fast”. 


Step 2: Get organised

We sit down and work through a series of questions, helping you to work out what the business really needs in this role.  We then confirm how you want the recruitment process to work (i.e. steps in the process, who is involved, time frames).


Step 3: What you need

When you are clear on what you need, we write a (concise) job description (JD).  Including the role’s responsibilities and the skills, knowledge and behaviours you need in the position / team / organisation.  You are ready to advertise. 


Step 4: Advertising  

We prepare adverts (based on the JD) and arrange advertising for you.  All advertising costs (mainly websites) are paid for by you up front.  This keeps it clear and simple.  If you want to use a recruitment agency, we put you in touch with recruiters who specialise in the relevant industry or profession and who we think you will work well with.  We advise on recruitment agency terms of business. 


Step 5: Receiving applications

Handling questions from candidates together.  We can receive and acknowledge applications on your behalf.


Step 6: Shortlisting

Shortlisting applications together based on the role requirements (from the JD).  Coaching you how to short list based on the role and reducing risk of discrimination.


Step 7: Interviewing

Preparing interview questions (behavioural based for the technical term), arranging interviews and any assessments that you may need.  We coach and support you throughout the interview process.


Step 8: Making an offer

When you’ve found that person who you want to join your team, we work through what is needed to make a fair and attractive offer (based on pre-employment checks).  You then get to make someone’s day by verbally offering them the job. 


Step 9: Pre-employment checks

Often overlooked, these are an essential part of the recruitment process.  Advising on the appropriate checks for the position and completing them if required.


Step 10: The paperwork

After a discussion to understand your existing contractual terms, we prepare an employment agreement for you to give the candidate.


Step 11: They accept! 

Paperwork is returned.  You have an agreed start date and can arrange their induction.