Employment Agreements


With every employee requiring an Employment Agreement (it’s the law), Employment Agreements can be a daunting task for employers.



Why do we need them?


Making them work for you


While there are standard clauses required in every Employment Agreement, the legalities can be tricky to navigate and contain a number of fish hooks.  As an employer, you can use Employment Agreements to protect your business against risk.

We recommend that employers invest some time and money into preparing Employment Agreements that give you what you want and protect your business.

You might have a number of employees on different Employment Agreements.  This is very common and often happens if employees have been employed for long periods of time.  If you want some advice on how to get your employees on similar (or the same) terms and conditions of employment, we can create a plan and help you implement this.

If you are starting out as an employer, we can discuss options that set you up from the start.


Our caveat


While we are savvy HR professionals who have been around for a while, we aren’t employment lawyers.  Sometimes an Employment Agreement needs a legal review to confirm the wording is right for your business. If this is the case, we will discuss this with you and can arrange the legal advice on your behalf.