Your People,
Our Purpose.


People are your organisation’s most important and most complicated asset.


HR consultancy

First and foremost we provide simple and real people related advice and support that works for your business.  Coaching you and your managers to improve their people management and leadership capabilities. We want to work with you so that you learn how to get the most from your people.

What we cover

Navigating employment laws, designing roles and teams, making recruitment decisions, preparing employment agreements, dealing with employee issues, bringing new people on board, developing employees, restructuring your business, implementing new policies or systems…it can be overwhelming, especially when running your day to day business.  This is where we come in.  

 We work with you on one-off issues, specific projects or on an ongoing basis.  Learn more about our services here.

Who we work with

Any organisation, regardless of their size, have similar people needs. 

Understanding how to motivate, lead and manage your people is central to improving productivity and retention.

How we work 

Most of our work is done via phone, Skype and email.  Depending what we are working on, we may need to visit your business.  We discuss this with you at the time.